Become an exceptional leader | Differentiated leadership training

Get the most out of each personality

Develop impactful leadership with every member of your team

Identify the leadership style that is right for everyone.

Build the strength of your team using its diversity.

Receive easy-to-use tools for quick results.

The training is available in private and individual training, as well as face-to-face and in virtual classes.

Fostering your success

We listen to your expectations beforehand

Tools that meet your needs 

Targeted training to allow time for exercises

Telephone support after training ends

Approved for the purposes of the 1% law - Certificate 0059448

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Objectives of differentiated leadership training

Identify your preferred leadership style

Better understand the difficulties in managing certain kinds of people

Encourage better collaboration with each of them

Improve the development and performance of all members of your team

Content of differentiated leadership training

Understanding the MBTI®

  • What is the MBTI®?
  • The 16 MBTI® Personality Types
  • MBTI® applications in communication and leadership

Discover your MBTI® personality type

  • MBTI® Questionnaire
  • Exercises to discover your profile
  • Validation of your MBTI® type
  • Understand your preferred leadership and communication styles

Understanding your employees

  • How to identify the MBTI® profile of your colleagues
  • Practical application, including mapping your team
  • Rules of prudence and ethics

Develop differentiated leadership

  • Improve communication with each member of your team
  • Find the key to everyone's motivation
  • Improve your conflict management with the 4 Questions © model
  • Promote better change management
  • Apply these skills to your team’s real-life situations

Develop your performance and your potential

  • Make better use of your strengths and improve your weaknesses based on your MBTI® profile
  • Identify your path of progression
  • Better understand your stressors and improve your stress management strategies

Your personalized action plan 

This training is based on our book about the MBTI personality profiles: “You are unique, and so are your colleagues! Collaborate effectively and live in harmony with all personality types.”

Training information

Private training

Target audience: Managers, directors
Prerequisite: Having already taken leadership training is an asset
Availability: Face-to-face or virtual classes
Language: French and English
Duration: 2 days face-to-face; 4 half-day in virtual classes
Budget: please consult us

Individual training

Target audience: Managers, directors
Prerequisite: Having already taken leadership training is an asset
Availability: Face-to-face or virtual classes
Language: French and English
Duration: 4 half-days face-to-face; 6 sessions of 2 hours in virtual classes
Budget: please consult us


Jean-Luc Dupont

President of DP
International trainer and speaker
International expert in leadership and personality types



How can you reduce your training costs?

We are a training organization accredited by the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail for the purposes of the application of the Act to promote workforce skills development and recognition (1% law) - Certificate 0059448.

We can advise you on how to prepare a subsidy file (on average 50% and up to 85%) with Services Québec.

Our pedagogical approach

Listening to your expectations beforehand
We talk with you before the training to identify the issues that need to be addressed.

Tools that meet your needs
We pay attention to your particular real-life situations and offer you concrete tools to better manage them.

Targeted training to devote time to exercises
The training is interactive. Each subject includes time for practice and to answer your questions. Learning is more concrete and sustainable.

Telephone support after training ends
We accompany you on your journey to integrate your learning into the real world.

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Why should you trust us?

Fast and lasting results

We use concrete tools for quick results.
Our approach is adapted to your personality to best meet your needs.

An easy collaboration

We ensure we are a reliable partner with whom it is easy to collaborate.

An answer to your needs

We are at your disposal to answer to your needs.


We offer you an excellent quality-to-price ratio.