Differentiated coaching

Coaching optimized for who you are

Safer and longer-lasting results

There is no one standard coaching methodology suitable for all types of personalities.

This is why we adapt our approach and our coaching style to your PROFILE© as a coachee.

Your coaching journey is made easier and takes you further; that’s because it's optimized for who you are.

You leave changed!

Each of us is born with a natural way of processing information and communicating.

The classic coaching approach (the "GROW") is only suitable for some personality profiles.

But for many coachees, this approach is counter-intuitive. It kills creativity and puts effective coaching at risk.

Differentiated coaching protects you from this problem by structuring the coaching methodology to your personality profile.
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Our coaching interventions

Skills development

Become the hierarchical manager of your colleagues

Build your credibility and become accepted as a manager

Develop impactful leadership

Communication and interpersonal skills

Develop effective communication skills

Learn to understand yourself first

Create harmonious relationships

New challenges

Carry out new projects

Take on new challenges

Take responsibility

Successful succession

Support in the face of difficulties

Take your place

Facing difficult situations

Manage stress, conflict, harassment and more

Regain professional momentum

Our differentiated coaching approach

Développement de compétences

We start by listening to you in order to understand you and create a relationship of mutual trust.

We identify with you a working environment that makes sense for your style.

This interview concludes with the drafting of a coaching contract that identifies the coaching objectives and the commitments of each person involved.

Prise de fonction

We help you determine your PROFILE© as a coachee and identify the coaching style suited to your needs.

We conduct coaching following the DECODE© approach (Definition, Exploration, Awareness, Options, Decision, Evaluation), derived from GROW but adapting the coaching process to all profiles.

The sessions take place in a semi-structured mode and are based on active listening.


We take stock of your progress together.

We define together your points of attention and your possible support needs.

If necessary, you will inform your upper management of the work carried out.

How do we optimize your results?

We start the coaching with a 30-minute interview to get to know each other and allow you to assess whether you want to work with us. This is offered to you free of charge and without obligation.

Coaching is adapted according to your PROFILE© as a coachee.

Each session ends with an action plan for next time.

We may ask you to do tasks / activities between sessions to support you in your progress.

We remain available by phone after your journey if you need support.

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Benefits for your organization

Your coaching journey lasts a short time but takes you further.

You drastically reduce the risk of coaching that gets you nowhere.

You receive a coaching process optimized for who you are.

Practical informations

Target audience

All ; no prerequisite


Most of our interventions are made of 5 to 7 sessions of 2 hours

Coaching sessions are organized at an interval of 2 to 3 weeks to allow concrete application in the field

A typical coaching takes between 3 and 6 months


Our coaching sessions take place remotely via a virtual platform.
Outside of COVID-19, sessions can take place at our premises (North Shore of Montreal) or for specific requests at your premises (we need a room in which confidentiality is ensured).


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Contact Françoise Platiau for all your questions about differentiated coaching.
Françoise Platiau
President of D&P
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Why should you trust us?

Fast and lasting results

We use concrete tools for quick results.
Our approach is adapted to your personality to best meet your needs.

An easy collaboration

We ensure we are a reliable partner with whom it is easy to collaborate.

An answer to your needs

We are at your disposal to answer to your needs.


We offer you an excellent quality-to-price ratio.