D&P: Training, coaching, team cohesion

With D&P, performance is born from people

Expertise at the service of your performance

We always want to hear from you, to support you in defining and understanding your needs.

D&P is managed by Françoise Platiau and Jean-Luc Dupont, two experts in performance improvement and personality types.

Our approach is aimed to help you get the most out of yourself.

A partner who listens to your needs

Our aim is to improve the performance of your organization. We offer you the interventions that best meet your needs.

This is why we start by listening to you, in order to understand your expectations and to contribute as much as possible to the progress of your business.

D&P management team

Françoise Platiau
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Jean-Luc Dupont
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Our ethics charter

We have a wide range of concrete tools (ActionTypes®, MBTI®, Process Com®, organizational development, etc.) to meet your specific improvement needs. This way, we help you get results faster.
Our approach is based on our book: “You are unique, and so are your colleagues! Collaborate effectively and live in harmony with all personality types.”

This is the result of 20 years of supporting hundreds of participants in the search for better leadership and greater efficiency.
Respect for confidentiality:

What is exchanged during training or coaching remains strictly between the participant (s) or coachee and the trainer or coach. The real-life examples we use are anonymized.

Respect for opinions:

We respect the opinions of all our participants (as long as they have a positive intention). We work in an environment of non-judgment.
Our trainers and coaches ensure that our participants and coachees feel confident and comfortable moving around, talking or not sharing certain information and especially being themselves (the ability to learn, evolve, and develop is strongly degraded in a state of stress, mistrust, or fatigue).
All of our attitudes, reactions and behaviors are accompanied by a positive intention: that of allowing our participants and coachees to learn, evolve, and develop.

We are sometimes led to offer a participant or a coachee a different perspective, to cause a surprise or a shock; we always do this with conscience and respect for the sensitivity and the ecology of the person.
We are convinced that our brakes lie in our limiting beliefs, and arise from states of stress, but are not inherent in a lack of potential.

Why should you trust us?

Fast and lasting results

We use concrete tools for quick results.
Our approach is adapted to your personality to best meet your needs.

An easy collaboration

We ensure we are a reliable partner with whom it is easy to collaborate.

An answer to your needs

We are at your disposal to answer to your needs.


We offer you an excellent quality-to-price ratio.