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Performance is born from human beings

We help you get the best out of yourself so you can be more efficient.

The process begins by getting to know yourself better so you can find solutions that suit your personality.

You then continue with a good understanding of others and their needs in order to adopt effective communication.

Targeted interventions for you

We all have different learning styles depending on our personalities.

In order for you to get the most out of your coaching or training, it must be adapted to YOUR needs.

At D&P, our specialty is helping you to get to know yourself better. We take your personality profile into account so that your training or coaching is truly useful to you.

That’s why our training and coaching are personalized according to who you are: because you are unique!.
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Our Specialties

Leadership training for supervisors

Assert yourself as an effective supervisor

Strengthen your leadership skills

Prepare yourself for more responsibility

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Leadership training for managers

Assert yourself as an inspiring manager

Strengthen your leadership skills

Prepare yourself for more responsibility                                                 

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Differentiated leadership training

Adapt your leadership style to every member of your team

Develop impact leadership with all

Develop your managerial agility.                                                                         

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MBTI® Training

Get to know yourself better, understand others better, and improve your interpersonal relationships

Learn from an expert

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Process Com® Training

Communicate better with all your interlocutors and in all circumstances

React effectively to "difficult" people

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Differentiated Coaching

A coaching approach adapted to your personality type

For shorter coaching paths, with more marked and sustainable progress

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Concrete tools to improve your relationships and your performance

Our training sessions, conferences and coaching are based on our book: “You are unique, and so are your colleagues! Collaborate effectively and live in harmony with all personality types.”

It is, to date, the only book in French that helps you to go from understanding your personality to creating concrete action plans.

Improve your communication, leadership style, conflict management, change management and more! 

Create productive and harmonious collaborations.

Let yourself be guided by our gallery of characters that represent the spectrum of personality types.

This book is based on 20 years of coaching thousands of people.
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Why should you trust us?

Fast and lasting results

We use concrete tools for quick results.
Our approach is adapted to your personality to best meet your needs.

An easy collaboration

We ensure we are a reliable partner with whom it is easy to collaborate.

An answer to your needs

We are at your disposal to answer to your needs.


We offer you an excellent quality-to-price ratio.