What is MBTI®?

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What is MBTI®?

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What is MBTI®?

MBTI® is a model for understanding different types of personalities. Each of us was born with different ways of perceiving information and making decisions.

These preferences have a considerable influence on our ways of responding, communicating, our leadership style, our needs, our strengths, our path to development...

The combination of these preferences leads to 16 distinct personality types. MBTI® has led to the development of personality type training which is probably the most used in the world: MBTI® training.

The MBTI® is based on Jung's work and his book "Psychological Types" which allows to identify 16 types of personality, their strengths, their potential difficulties, how each type can evolve...


What is the use of MBTI®?

MBTI® (abbreviation for Myers & Briggs Type Indicator) allows you to identify your favorite operating modes and those of the people you meet. It helps you build more efficient, productive and enjoyable relationships.

It is used in leadership, communication, conflict management, change management, and a whole range of other areas that you can discover in our page on the applications of MBTI.

What MBTI® describes are your natural preferences. 

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