Progress | Become an exceptional leader

Excel in your leadership

Become a leader who motivates all your employees regardless of their personalities.

Manage difficult collaborators.

Motivate the team in the face of change.

Receive easy-to-use tools for quick results.

Each training is available in private and individual training, as well as face-to-face and in virtual classes.

Fostering your success

We listen to your expectations beforehand

Tools that meet your needs 

Targeted training to allow time for exercises

Telephone support after training ends

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Our other trainings on Progress

Become an exceptional leader | Differentiated leadership training

Adapt your leadership style to every member of your team

Develop impact leadership with all

Develop your managerial agility.                                                                           


Become an exceptional leader | Become a manager coach

Become a leader coach to develop your colleagues

Help your colleagues grow.

Develop their sense of responsibility and autonomy.                                                  


Become an exceptional leader | Change management training

Manage resistance to change.

Encourage constructive reactions to projects for change.

Lead the different stages of successful change.                                          


Our pedagogical approach

Listening to your expectations beforehand
We talk with you before the training to identify the issues that need to be addressed.

Tools that meet your needs
We pay attention to your particular real-life situations and offer you concrete tools to better manage them.

Targeted training to devote time to exercises
The training is interactive. Each subject includes time for practice and to answer your questions. Learning is more concrete and sustainable.

Telephone support after training ends
We accompany you on your journey to integrate your learning into the real world.

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Our Specialties

Leadership Training
The basics

Everything you need to develop your leadership skills

Beginner or experienced managers

Become a recognized supervisor or manager

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SOS Problems
Short and targeted training courses

Manage telecommuting, recruit remotely

Manage demotivation and lack of collaboration

Directly applicable knowledge

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Become an exceptional leader

Excel in your leadership

Become a leader who motivates all their collaborators

Become a manager coach

 Motivate your team in the face of change

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MBTI® Training

Get to know yourself better, understand others better, and improve your interpersonal relationships

Learn from an expert

Learn more

Process Com® Training

Communicate better with all your interlocutors and in all circumstances

React effectively to "difficult" people

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Differentiated Coaching

A coaching approach adapted to your personality type

For shorter coaching paths, with more marked and sustainable progress

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Why should you trust us?

Fast and lasting results

We use concrete tools for quick results.
Our approach is adapted to your personality to best meet your needs.

An easy collaboration

We ensure we are a reliable partner with whom it is easy to collaborate.

An answer to your needs

We are at your disposal to answer to your needs.


We offer you an excellent quality-to-price ratio.